What they didn’t tell me about braids…

Quick update on my hair journey. I’ve got a mini fro! It’s at that weird stage where it’s too long to just be left out but too short to tie up, so I decided to put in braids!

This is my second time getting braids put in. The first time, I had to take them out after about 2 days. I was told it would hurt, but my scalp felt like it was on fire. My scalp was tender and started flaking, something wasn’t right. I spoke to a few friends who said I could be allergic to synthetic hair, especially blonde coloured synthetic hair.

This time, I used black synthetic hair. Apparently soaking it in vinegar before hand helps to avoid the reaction I had. I was so excited to finally get it done once and for all. A few hours sitting, eating pizza and it was done. I went from very short hair to back length hair.

The first night was the worst. I couldn’t turn my head and slept almost sitting upright. When I woke up, my neck was stiff and I’ve got a tiny neck, my head kept feeling like it was going to roll off, it was so heavy! Bath time was interesting. My shower cap didn’t fit, so I had to sit in the bath with my head sticking out of the side. Getting dressed was a mission. I couldn’t get my head through a few of my tops, so had to wear button up tops or large neck tops.

It took me about a week before the pain subsided. I never tied up my braids as it was too painful and it felt like it was tugging. I was later told that it could be because my hair isn’t as thick, so it can’t hold the weight. I liked having it clipped back or to the side.

One amazing thing about having braids is not having to take ages getting the perfect curls in the morning only for it to get frizzy as soon as I leave. I didn’t have to wet my hair everyday. Then again, I had to oil it every day because it dried out very quickly. It was also very itchy when I didn’t put oil in.

Overall, I would highly recommend getting braids. It will hurt for abit but it looks amazing and saves a lot of time in the morning! Just make sure you had a large scarf when you’re going to sleep, some oil in a squeeze bottle with a ketchup nozzle and some tea oil for your edges (don’t get them tight around your edges).

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