Cohorted January 2018 Box

I have recently become obsessed with make up. Growing up, I was always afraid to try make up because I was told it would ruin my skin and it was ‘fake’. After having a make up consultation at Bobbi Brown, my views on make up have changed. The consultant showed me that make up can be light and look natural. Make up can be used to enhance beauty not hide it.

I decided to try beauty boxes this year to explore what make up brands are out there. I decided to try Cohorted as suggested by another blog. I was especially drown to their box and website because it looked sophisticated and minimalist. It was easy to order my box, however, it took ages to arrive. The email said boxes would arrive between the 8th to the 15th, I didn’t get mine until around the 20th.


My initial reaction to the box was pure excitement. It came in a black box with a ribbon and was laid out like a hamper. If you know me, you will know that I love hampers!!



The box cost £35 but came with £133 worth of goodies. It came with the following items:

  • Marc Jacobs recover perfecting coconut setting mist RRP £25
  • Lancôme renergie multilift RRP £10
  • Sunday Riley ceramic slip clay cleanser RRP £15
  • Trio set Urban Veda body wash, body scrub and body lotion RRP £12.99 each
  • Skin Chemist body lotion RRP £39
  • Wish Formula mask with honey serum RRP £6

It also came with some Lancôme blush which I think was a bonus gift.


My favourite products were the Urban Veda set, they smelt amazing and were so gentle on my skin. I also liked the coconut setting spray. I don’t think it smelt like coconut, but it felt less harsh on my skin than my normal setting spray and it dried really quickly without feeling oily.


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