Working Together

As you know, I recently decided to cut my hair to raise money for orphans in Africa. If you haven’t already ready my reasons behind this, then check out my blog ‘I have no hair!’. I had a description of what I was doing and how people can donate on all my social media and my cousin shared it on her social media. Whilst I appreciate that donating is simply up to the individual, one thing that really made me think is how society is quick to press a ‘like’ button but not act.


I have notifications turned on for LinkedIn, and was saddened by what I saw. My post had been seen by 1,257 people and liked 26 times. Whilst I was grateful that people had seen it, I was upset that people didn’t take the time to donate. What’s astonishing is that people read my reasons behind why I was raising money and still didn’t donate. I have always tried to donate, whether its spare change or £5 or £10 etc. As I said, I completely understand that it’s up to the individual whether they have the means to donate or the desire to. I don’t want to ever make anyone feel pressured to giving.

Let me put those figures in a different way. If each of those 1,257 people had donated £1, thats would be £1,257.00. I have a piggy bank with pound coins, a pound coin in the car, I sometimes purposely try to spend pound coins when I have too many in my purse. If they had each donated 10p, that would be £125.70. 10p can’t get you very much in England anymore, maybe a small pack of Haribos. But for a child in Africa, that could literally be the difference between life and death. If they had all given 1p, that would be £12.57 more towards helping a child.

What upset me was the willingness to read, to view, to like, but not to act. If we all made a conscious decision to help improve the world, we could do it. It got me thinking about how the world really works, deep I know. Everyday, we contribute to an economy that keeps the world going as normal. When you buy a product or service, you agree to give money to that cause, which in turn, gives you something that you want or need. According to The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford, in 2015, 26% of health professions were migrants. That means that one day, by saving one African child, they could grow up to be the same doctor that saves your life. Now that’s an extreme case, but I wanted to highlight that we invest in people and businesses on a daily basis because we want something in return. Giving to charity is rewarding, by giving someone a chance at life, they may grow up to help you back by providing services or goods that you need.

One last time, I am in no way saying that you are obligated to give to charity if you don’t want to. I’m simply saying that if we all put in a small amount, it all adds up. I’m really grateful to everyone who has donated and those who have the intention to donate. I know a few people who donated that don’t have much money, students, people who have recently made big purchases, but I am sure that their small sacrifice will make a massive impact.

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