Two Years Already!

I know I go on and on about my partner, simply because he’s so awesome. People talk about how their partners are their best friends and I never understood that until I met J.

love that we can just be silly

He’s everything and more. He’s so kind and caring and makes me feel like a queen. We get on so well that we are together every single day and have been since the day we met. Last year he bought me two outfits because I didn’t like any of the outfits I had for our anniversary. He told me to be ready and that he was taking me but I was having a down day. I felt like nothing made me look good that day, so he decided to get me two full outfits (two black tops, a suede green skirt and a black leather skirt and two pairs of black heels). He got the sizes right and even the style! I was so impressed at how well he knows me. It’s scary how good he is at picking out my clothes. He booked an Uber to the Shard! We had a lovely dinner with an amazing view of London! Then he asked for my hand and handed me a Pandora box with a gorgeous ring! No, he didn’t propose but he said he wants to find the perfect sapphire ring before he does (to be fair I don’t need a ring or the perfect outfit, I love him for simply being him).

This time last year! and the outfit he picked! 😍

This year, with all that he’s been through, I decided to treat him for our anniversary. Luckily, there are loads of sales on, so it didn’t break the banks because he has expensive taste!! If he had his way, he would love to jet off to a hot country in first class, where he can drive a super car and wear a brand new Rolex and new fragrance! When I’m a millionairess, I will give him all of that, but for now, I decided to be creative.

I gave him a small gift each day leading up to out anniversary. Our anniversary is on the 6th of November, so I decided to use sensory gifts.

For hear, I got him new wipers because his old ones made a horrid screeching noise!

For taste, I took him to afternoon tea, which was surprisingly filling!

afternoon tea

For touch, I got him some paisley Ben Sherman socks because he loves socks and loves paisley.

For smell, I got him the Viktor Rolf Spice Bomb gift set with a travel version (for when we next jet off). He wanted the new Dunhill racing green fragrance, but I personally preferred Spice Bomb. He loved it.

For see, I took him to a private cinema and diner to watch Wonder Woman because we kept meaning to see if, but hadn’t got round to it.

Overall, I think our anniversary was great. Spreading out smaller gifts made it seems like everyday was our anniversary, I loved seeing his face as he opened each gift. He almost cried when he found out about his wipers because they were getting to him. I wish I could give him so much more because he has greatly enriched my life. The support and love he give to me and my family is incredible. I am truly blessed to call him my best friend.

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