Bounce Back 🥊


Have you ever failed at something and decided to give it up? As a child, I learnt a number of instruments including the flute, piano and guitar. I quit. I learnt how to ride a bike, crashed into a tree one day and I quit. I trained consistently almost every day, once I felt I was fit enough, I quit. Can you see a pattern? When I feel like I have reached my goal or when things become hard, I quit. The sad thing is that I am aware of my short comings and why I quit things, but as I have grown up, I have continued to give up on things. Until now.

If you are like me, quitting is a habit that you need to quit. You will never be successful with a quitting mentality. Looking back at the reasons I chose to quit things; they are just stupid. I quit the guitar because I didn’t like filing down my nails. I quit going to the gym because I thought I could maintain my body through diet alone. At the time, these reasons seemed logical. That is why it is important to take time out before deciding to quit. Make an informed decision, thinking about the impact your choices will make in the future.

I regret giving up on learning how to ride a bike. Last summer, my partner took me out on his little brother’s bike and gave me a quick lesson. I got the hang of it very quickly and started to enjoy it. I was saddened at all the years I lost out where I had the chance to go on bike rides because I was too afraid. My fear of crashing into a tree wasn’t a good enough reason anymore. Don’t let irrational fears stop you from pursing your goals.

My friend recently came to a point in his life where he had to make a decision. He had a big boxing match, where he was knocked out. He is a big unit and everyone was sure that he would win. The moment he hit the ground, I wondered if he would get up. The room was silent as everyone waited to see what would happen. He opened his eyes, he rolled over and stood up. He was stumbling, but he was standing. It was at this point, that I realised what bouncing back really meant. Although he had been knocked down, literally, he wasn’t going to give up. When life knocks you down, you get back up. Even if you stumble, at least you’re still standing.

Another thing that I realise is that not everyone wants you to succeed. Some people rejoice when you fail. In that crowd, there were people who were celebrating for the other guys, but there were people who were genuinely worried for his wellbeing. As you grow up, you will become better at filtering out people who are true friends and start letting go of people waiting for your downfall. But one thing is for certain, no one can help you bounce back. People can support you, like the crowd cheering for him to get up, but they can’t physically get you up. It is up to you to get yourself back up.

What’s my message? Stop quitting and making excuses, because you will most likely end up regretting your decisions in the future. When you fail, get back up. The only person who can help you to bounce back is yourself. Let go of those negative thoughts that tell you to give up, that you’re not good enough. Let go of people who want you to fail. I’ve stopped making excuses and have started boxing at Croydon Boxing Academy (@croydonboxingacademy). Stay tuned for my boxing journey progress.


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