Why I decided to lose my bra! 🙅🏽

Backless formal wear is my fav! 😍

Disclaimer: I am not a medical profession. This is purely my experience and the results I got from my doctor’s recommendation.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with costochondritis. Don’t worry, it’s not deadly. It’s inflammation of the cartilage in the middle of your chest. I used to get really bad chest pains when I did anything extraneous like running. I used to think I was just unfit and my doctor initially thought that it was asthma. My best friend has asthma, her symptoms sounded more like breathlessness whilst mine was a sharp, stabbing pain and the tensing of my chest.

During my exams at uni, the pains became unbearable. At one point, I thought it may be a heart attack. I went back to my doctor who then suggested that it may be costochondritis and after numerous blood and urine samples to rule out other possibilities, that was my diagnosis. I had noticed that whenever I didn’t wear a bra, I felt better. My doctor said modern bras, especially underwire bras can put pressure on the cartilage, which causes the inflammation. This lead me to do a month’s trail of not wearing a bra.

That month was life changing. Luckily, my breast are small, so it’s not obvious when I don’t wear a bra. I usually wear tops and jumpers that are loose fitted, and if I wear something that requires a bra, I wear a bralette. After I stopped wearing a bra, I noticed that my breast became perkier and firmer. I’ve read up on other people who stopped wearing a bra, and some reported having the same benefits.

I don’t think I will ever wear a bra consistently again. However, my aunt posed the question, ‘what will you do when you have kids, if your breasts get bigger?’. The answer to that is…I don’t know. I am aware that girls with larger breasts may find it harder to go braless as bras offer support. But for me, personally, I love the freedom that being braless gives me.

I’ll post up some braless outfits soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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