Barcelona! ✈️

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One thing that you will quickly learn about me is that I love to travel. Since I’ve been with my partner, we have been trying to tick off as many countries off our Travel List as we can. (stay tuned, I will publish our list soon).

Barcelona was our second trip together; the first was Amsterdam. I was really stressed out with work and uni and my birthday was coming up. So, my partner decided to take me away. I think the whole trip worked out to be just shy of £400 each. We went away for 4 days and 3 nights and flew with British Airways. We went the first week of September but the flight and hotel were very cheap; almost £250 per person including a transfer from the airport. The flight was really quick, only about 2 hours from Gatwick Airport.

We stayed in a really nice hotel called Hotel Vincci Maritimo. The staff were really lovely and our hotel room was upgraded. I loved the bathroom, we had a tub, so I had loads of bubble baths after swimming. The hotel was situated in an area called Diagonal Mar, which is at the tip of Barcelona. As you can see from the map below, it was close to the beach but a bit far from the main centre (where it says Gothic Quarter). The hotel was perfect for us as the beach was quieter at the top and we were right next to a shopping centre and restaurants. It was convenient and also relaxing.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 20.39.22

The food wasn’t expensive, but it wasn’t cheap either. We went to a seafood restaurant on the pier called Boos. The locals recommended it as being one of the best seafood restaurants and it was pretty good. You could taste that it was all fresh and they prepared the food right infant of you. The bill for a seafood platter and two drinks was about £60. We also got some ice cream and had a burger, because…why not? Who says no to ice cream and a burger??

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The reason we got away was to relax. How can I not speak about the beach? We decided to walk into town one day, it felt like we were walking for hours! Fair enough we stopped to get food and a drink, but it was such a long walk. The beach was split up into different sections (there was even a nude beach!). Along the sand, there were small bars and restaurant, all with an exquisite view of the water. There was a concrete path that ran along side the beach, where people rode their bikes. If I could ride a bike, I would have, just to see the sea.

Me being camera shy with my messy bun!

Eventually we got to the city centre. It was very busy compared to where we were staying. However, the architecture was beautiful. We got tired very quickly (that’s what happens when you quit the gym and eat burgers all the time…but they are just so good!), so we hitched a ride on a bike taxi. The guy who was riding the bike was so knowledgeable about Barcelona and all the monuments. He was also an amazing photography as he stopped at key monuments to take pictures for us. We didn’t have enough time to go into any of them, but it he told us a brief history of each.

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Overall, I thought it was a really nice trip away for a few days and I had a wonderful birthday. One thing that I did note however, was that the food was very salty. Also, sometimes the locals weren’t very friendly, but many of my friends have commented to say that’s just the culture. Apart from that, the weather was great, the sea was amazing and the company was the best.

If you’ve been to Barcelona, I’d love to hear what your highlights were!

Just a segment of the beach!

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