January Glossy Box

I love living where I live but sometimes it’s almost impossible to get my parcels. I live in a block of flats with three security points before my front door, so getting parcels is literally mission impossible. My neighbour picked up my Glossy Box parcel but kept it until he saw me which was a … More January Glossy Box

January Birchbox

As you know, it’s my first time exploring subscription boxes. It’s late, I know, but still thought I would share my thoughts. From what I saw on the website, each month Birchbox teams up with a brand to create their boxes. This month, they teamed up with Ohh Deer. I absolutely love Ohh Deer stationery … More January Birchbox

Working Together

As you know, I recently decided to cut my hair to raise money for orphans in Africa. If you haven’t already ready my reasons behind this, then check out my blog ‘I have no hair!’. I had a description of what I was doing and how people can donate on all my social media and … More Working Together

Two Years Already!

I know I go on and on about my partner, simply because he’s so awesome. People talk about how their partners are their best friends and I never understood that until I met J. He’s everything and more. He’s so kind and caring and makes me feel like a queen. We get on so well … More Two Years Already!

I have no hair!

Only kidding about the title! I still have hair!! Just not as much as before. I always said, when I turned 25, that I would do something memorable for my mums birthday. My mum died when I was just over a year old and it’s always affected me. I didn’t have a dad, so I … More I have no hair!

Bounce Back 🥊

Have you ever failed at something and decided to give it up? As a child, I learnt a number of instruments including the flute, piano and guitar. I quit. I learnt how to ride a bike, crashed into a tree one day and I quit. I trained consistently almost every day, once I felt I … More Bounce Back 🥊

Hair Care 💇🏾

My hair is all types of textures, curl patterns and frizz! I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my hair but I think that I’m finally starting to understand it. The main problem with my hair is the mixed texture. My hair isn’t corse and afro-like but it’s also not long locks. I would … More Hair Care 💇🏾